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Cynthia Murray, Co-Founder of Organizer Club

If you’re anything like I was, you’re pretty excited about this whole Professional Organizing thing…

But if you’re thinking I’m special or I just got lucky, here’s the truth – I struggled, a lot.  It took hard work, time & money figuring it all out.

As I share in my videos below, I started during the 2008-2009 recession when I didn’t have anything going for me. I had lost my job, maxed out all credit cards, and struggled to make ends meet for over a year.

However, after putting in the work, I went from unemployed to earning six-figures in 3 short years.

My students are taking the shortcut, implementing everything I’ve learned from more than 10 years now, right from DAY 1 to get results much, much quicker and I couldn’t be more proud!

Please start by watching the videos below…

Day 1: Rock Solid Mindset & Setting Big Goals

Day 2: Organizing & Working With Clients

Day 3: Our Systems & Frameworks for Growth

We Get Our Students Amazing Results!

See How Johamy, Mom of 3 Young Kids, Made $10k in Just a 15 Day Period!

We helped Johamy from ground zero, to getting her first client, to building a team, to hitting her first $10k month in her organizing business!

Hear How Cathy Went From Downsized to Her Very First 5-Figure Month!

Cathy is a Professional Organizer who also helps busy entrepreneurs. With our help, she’s now had her first $10k month and her next goal is $20k!

Wendy Helps With Moves and Had Her First $10k Month Soon After Covid!

Instead of living in fear, she used Covid down-time to build systems, relationships, and BOOM… She hit her 1st of many $10,000 months to come!

Tina is Consistently Selling Her 30 Hour Organizing Packages ($1500 Each!)

With our help, Tina was able to go from being a nanny to starting and growing her Professional Organizing business within just a few weeks!

Candi Offers Organizing and Estate Clearing Services...

With our help she was able to launch quickly and she’s grown to consistent $5,000 months and just recently had her 2nd $10,000 month!

Christa Jones Went ALL-IN And Now Has a 6-Figure Business...

Within just a few days of hearing about us, Christa jumped right in, implemented, and her business took off. She now has a team and is growing fast!

AND Are Hitting Major Life-Goals...

Sandy Spatz shares "I'm Earning Twice as Much in 1/2 The Time"

She joined with already having 15 years of experience, but had to shut her business down due to lack of clients. We helped her level up her business and she’s doing very well for herself.

Ruth Closed Out Year with $90,000 in Revenue!

Ruth started from scratch with our training, took every single step, and launched within a few months. She’s now approaching 6-figures a year!

Nancy's Already Seeing Success Right Off The Bat - Selling Big Packages!

She was able to avoid the crazy learning curves and, from the start, sold a 45 hour package paid upfront in cash (45 Hours @ Over $50/hr)!

Sonya is Our Program Director And Had This To Say...

Sonya has been working with us for years now and has witnessed the life changing transformations we’ve helped to create. Here’s what she said…

Rachel Says We Saved Her Business... $8k and $10k months!

Rachel wasn’t sure what to do. She was about to close her business, but she was immediately successful with our strategies and she did $8,000, then $10,000 her first few months with us!

Felisha's Hitting $10k Months!

Once Felisha made the adjustments we suggested, she started hitting $5k months, then $10k months in her organizing business and isn’t looking back!

A Message From Co-Founder, Adam Murray...

Adam Murray, Co-Founder of Organizer Club

Welcome to our “world…” I completely get that change can be scary and Cynthia and I have gone through our fair share of change over the years…

But the most important thing is to keep moving forward no matter what.

If you have a knack or passion for organizing, and it feels right, you should give this a fair shot.

I’ve personally helped 100’s and 100’s of Professional Organizers with their marketing and it’s always so incredible to see that 1st client come in, then the 2nd, then the 10th, 20th, 50th and beyond…

Starting a business can be lonely, but with our support not only will it be more fun, you’ll get much better results and in a much shorter time frame.

Our launch process for you only takes 2-3 weeks and includes all the tech, your website, my proven more-advanced marketing campaigns, and so much more.

If you’re a good fit for our help (meaning you seem like a friendly / cool person), then I can’t wait to meet you and help you to make your dreams come true!

How Else Can You Prepare?

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But, really, we’d like to just ask that you show up to your session ready to share, excited about your future, and prepared to take action on making this all your new reality. It can happen quickly, you’ve just got to take the first step!