INSIDER is our Weekly Coaching Program for Aspiring and Established Professional Organizers!

Watch this quick 5 minute video to see if this is right for you and your business.

INSIDER is our Weekly
Coaching Program for
Aspiring and Established
Professional Organizers!

Meet Sonya, Your Weekly Insider Coach

Hi, I'm Sonya...

Have you ever thought about hiring a business coach?

You know, someone who can help motivate you, keep you on track, and guide you through decisions that determine the future of your business?

Well, I'd LOVE to be that person for you on our weekly live coaching calls!

Whether you’re trying to decide on a business name or a logo, figure out a social media strategy, or just need a confidence boost to expand your services or raise your prices … I'll provide you with real-time feedback and support.

Whether you're just starting your business or are ready to take yours to the next level, joining Insider will help you build a profitable business that you love.

I'm so excited to meet you and I can't wait for you to experience all that Insider has to offer!

– Sonya Fehér

With the 6 Month Plan, You Get...

ALL of These Bonuses

(A total, additional value, of $6,476!)

*Month-to-Month plan gets bonuses 1 & 2

Bonus 1

14-Day Organizing Business Quick Launch

(Included with ALL Payment Plans)

Quick Launch is designed for someone brand new to professional organizing to help you get your business established and operating as quickly as possible. It’s designed as 14 days, but you can also follow along at your own pace. It’s 100% possible to have your business up and running within the next 7 days! Includes how to come up with your perfect business name, getting registered locally, how to get paid $1000’s upfront by structuring your pricing correctly, plus secrets to setting up your local marketing.

Valued at $497

Bonus 2

Contracts & Forms for Your Clients

(Included with ALL Payment Plans)

These forms will eliminate all your concerns and worries about payment, liability, and so many of the what if’s. These templated forms personally cost us $1000 in attorney fees and are applicable to every state. Simply plug in your own company information, and you’ve just saved yourself $500-$1000 in legal fees! These were created specifically for professional organizers and are not some generic forms that you’d need to spend hours and hours customizing.

Valued at $497

Bonus 3

100+ Hours of Guest Expert Deep Dives

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with amazing guest experts in a wide range of topics. Each session is about an hour long and covers everything you’re seeing on the screen here. You are getting LIFETIME access to these to access 24/7 forever to brush up or improve on your skills… and we’re the ONLY place you can get any of this training.

Valued at $1,997

Bonus 4

(4) 30-Day Challenges + Done-For-You

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

Worried about trying to learn everything all at once? With these bonus challenges, you can focus on just one aspect of Professional Organizing – closets, bathrooms, pantries, or virtual organizing. These all include step-by-step guided training with done-for-you marketing materials so that you can simply plug and play.

Valued at $997

Bonus 5

Ducks in a Row, Estate Clearing + Advanced Needs Assessment Training

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

We partnered with professional organizer Sarah Stitham to give you some options for expanding your business. The “Ducks in a Row,” “Estate Clearing Secrets” and “Advanced Needs Assessment” training provides over 6 hours of training, 50+ page documents, 8 forms and templates, and Sarah’s trade strategies and forms/scripts respectively.

Valued at $997

Bonus 6

(3) Mini Challenges + Done-For-You

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

Maybe you’re looking for additional, optional ways to stand out in the market place and position yourself as the go-to expert? These quick and easy mini-challenges are shorter than our 30 day ones, but are just as action packed. You’ll see how to lead powerful workshops, additional marketing strategies not included in the core training, and how to automate your follow up by building out your email list.

Valued at $497

Bonus 7

4-Part Virtual Organizing Series

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

Now, after all this, maybe YOU’RE still questioning if your local area is a hot spot for organizing… I get it. Whether that’s true or not (which it’s likely not true unless you are in the middle of nowhere), you have the option of helping clients virtually. This is where you’re more of a coach and you’re not doing any of the physical organizing. This is a 4-part series showing you exactly what it takes, how to implement, and how to sell this valuable service!

Valued at $497

Bonus 8

PDF's Collection (Huge Time Saver!)

(ONLY Included with 6 Month or 12 Month Plans)

And lastly, to save you even more of your valuable time so you can focus on clients and the making money part… There’s over 10 resource PDF’s covering everything from 150 social media post ideas, to outreach scripts, to checklists of what to include in your work bag… The point is, we’ve thought of everything you’ll need and included it throughout this entire special offer for you to have instantly at your fingertips!

Valued at $497

Common Insider Weekly Coaching Questions

What if I plan to join the Art of Professional Organizing training later?

Since the Art of Professional Organizing training comes with 6 months of Insider's weekly coaching, we allow you to credit your last Insider payment towards full enrollment later.

Can I still be successful with JUST Insider and not worry about enrolling in the Art of PO at all?

Insider can definitely get you started and going, but you are missing out on the specific step by step training contained in over 100 videos within Art of PO. Insider also doesn't include our advanced 8-Page Trust Based Enrollment scripting (for your initial phone conversations), it doesn't include our advanced Google Ads marketing strategy, and it doesn't include the Website templates or pre-written pages. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend starting with Insider until you get a client or two and then reinvesting into our Art of PO program.

When do the live coaching calls take place?

They are almost every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern, but we will always let you know the current schedule ahead of time.

Will there be time for my questions?

Yes, for sure! Calls typically have between 15 and 30 people and most people tune in just to listen in. We encourage everyone to come with at least 1-2 questions, but it's completely up to you if you want to ask a question or just learn by hearing advice given to others.

If I start with monthly, can I upgrade to 6 months or 12 months later?

Yes, you can definitely upgrade at anytime. You will not be able to credit previous payments, but we will add on additional time. For example, if you join for 6 months and you want to upgrade to 12 months, but you still had 3 months left, you'll now have 15 months.

Ready to Get Started?

You’re about to become part of an incredible community where you can join in on live coaching calls and ask specific questions relating to where you are in your business. Plus, if you join with the 6 month or 12 month option, you are getting $1000’s worth of additional bonuses. Just 1 small project will pay for over a year of Insider!

No Risk with Our 30-Day Guarantee

But even if the value is obvious, maybe you’re just not sure if this is for you… Maybe you don’t know if this is truly the right direction for you. I can completely understand that hesitation. So, here’s the deal… As soon as you join, you have a FULL 30 DAYS to decide if this is for you or not. There’s absolutely no risk at all to you. You either love everything you’re getting and keep pushing forward or you decide it’s not for you and you can get your investment back.