More Than Ever, Millions of People Are Overwhelmed With Their Clutter & Chaos and Need Your Help!

✔ Our 10-Module Art of Professional Organizing training + the 4-Part Virtual Organizing Training includes everything you need to gain professional level organizing skills and get up and running quickly as a Hands-On and/or Virtual Professional Organizer. Some students even completed the entire training in a few weeks!

✔ This is an action-based system, complete with step-by-step checklists that guide you through 100+ quick and to the point video lessons. There’s nothing I love more than being organized, so I want nothing less for you!

✔ By the end of the Hands-On & Virtual Training, you won’t be scratching your head wondering what to do next to get clients, you’ll have your business completely established, your website live, your marketing in place, and the confidence to take on your first client (virtually or in-person).

✔ You aren’t just “learning”, you are walked through carefully planned out action steps that will lead you to the success you’re after, just like it’s done for so many of my students before you!

Kamryn, a student of ours, was just 18 when she joined and told me she didn’t think anyone would take her seriously because of her age…

However, she’s had 14 clients in her first two months with an average project size of 10 hours and she’s in a small town too.

At 18, I was still working at Winn-Dixie 😂